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  • • The Largest Private Exhibition Company in China
  • • One of the Top Ten Exhibition Companies in China
  • • One of the Top Ten Influential Exhibition Companies in China
  • • An exhibition company having the most development potential in China
  • • Deputy-Chairman Enterprise of China Convention & Exhibition Society
  • • Vice President Company of the China Chamber of International Commerce Commission on Conventions and Exhibitions
  • • Vice Chairman and Vice Secretary-general Company of the Beijing International Convention & Exhibition Industry Association
  • • The First Private Exhibition Company to Join UFI
  • • Zhenwei has created an excellent exhibition team
Classification of Exhibitions
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The 22th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Time: June 2022      Add: Beijing
The 13th China (Shanghai) International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Time: December 2021      Add: Shanghai
One of the Top 3 Battery Industry Fair in China
The 13th Shanghai International Battery Industry Fair
Time: December 2021      Add: Shanghai
The 27th Xi’an China International Exhibition on Heat and Warm Supply&HVAC Technological Equipments
Time: April 2022      Add: Xian
The 22th China Xinjiang International Agricultural Fair (CXIAF)
Time: August 2022      Add: Xinjiang
The 9th China Beijing International Irrigation Technology Exhibition
Time: March 2022      Add: Beijing
The 18th China (Tianjin) International Equipment & Manufacturing Industry Expo
Time: March 2022      Add: Tianjin